Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Accommodations

The 89 Starcraft served us well for 7 years. I put a lot of work into it, replacing the interior roof, suspension, and all the walls. But it kept us off the ground and dry. We've always wanted something a little bigger and a little less work to set up. So we moved up to a hybrid, a 2006 Bantum Flier 17'.

I has spent most of the week doing some small modification to it to make it more comfortable.
The trailer had no stereo but was wired for it complete with speakers. A little internet searching and electronic cable locating and I was able to cut the hole in the wall exactly where the stereo was to be located. All the wiring was there. I even had a stereo, it was from our old Taurus wagon. An almost new aftermarket Panasonic am / fm / cd player. It fit perfect.

I also added an extra outside outlet cause we do all our cooking and clean up outside. The existing outlet is shared with everything inside so I added a separate circuit outlet.

Our tent trailer had a built in 1500 w electric heater which I wasn't willing to part with. I removed it and replaced the cabinet end with some matching plywood that I still had left over. Some stain and urethane and it's like it was never there. After cutting a 8" x 16" hole in our new trailer, doing a little framing and wiring, the new heater looks like it was always there. It should be more than enough to keep the trailer warm.

After that it was on to the table. It had, yes had, two sets of folding legs just like the big 8' tables. Way to easy to bump and knock over and it was about 8" too high. It was more like sitting at a bar table. I removed the legs and converted it to hang from the wall and stand with a single fold down leg in the middle. Dropping it by 8" made it feel more like a kitchen table.

I have some more things I would like to do but they will have to wait until fall. Yesterday I hooked up and pulled the trailer out to the park to leave it in the storage area. That way I can bring the boat when we go out next. On the highway the trailer handled very well. It only weighs about 3600 lbs but you never know how it will handle with the tow vehicle. Now it's a two week wait until we get to use it.