Thursday, May 23, 2013

Been a while

It's been a while since I posted last. I had a year end and inventory, May long was cut short and yet another computer crash.

I'm still not done inventory but there is just the warehouse left to go through. A list at the door will account for what comes and goes until I decide to finish counting.

May long weekend was cut short due to rain. The lake still had lots of ice and many of the sites still had a good deal of snow. It didn't stop Dade from having a good time.

I was doing some paperwork on Monday when I stopped to call my parents. One of the kids called and said their road had washed out. I was in the middle of doing some invoices and while on the phone my computer went to the screen saver. When I tried to bring the screen back I found it had locked up. Not a big deal, just unplug and restart. Yea, not today. Seems the hard drive crashed, couldn't even hear it try to spin and read. But I was prepared. I pulled out my clone drive from December and put it in place. It started like a charm and after about 15 minutes of updating I was back in business. Then to the accounting software. I was out by 2 days after restoring from a back up. But that was on paper so it was just a matter of entering the transactions from the printed journal. An hour total and the crash of the hard drive was repaired. Although I lost a lot of stuff there was nothing of great importance or anything that could not be downloaded again. The next day I purchased a new hard drive and performed a clone of the clone. The new hard drive is in and running and my previous clone sits until next time.

Went to Kakabeka with Christopher, Leslie and Levi tonight. We went to walk the park trail and see the falls.We stopped for ice cream on the way back.

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