Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Different View

I finally got out today to take a few pictures. I left around 8 am and headed for Sleeping Giant Park. The weatherman was calling for a nice day and it certainly turned out that way. As I was cruising toward The park I spotted a lone wolf making his way across Pickerel Lake. I stopped and was able to change my lens and get a so so picture as he crossed the road in front of me.

There have been more and more sightings in the park over the last few years. I think I just lucked out seeing this one.

I continued to the trail head and made my way down to the water. I followed the shoreline for a ways, something you can't do during the summer. I was surprised how far out the ice was. I was able to walk much further then ever before. I've tried many times but always failed to reach the Sea Lion. Well today I made it. Below are some pictures of what I've been missing. I'll be back there for sure.

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