Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Noisiest House on the Block

 We must have had the noisiest house on the block. Cause it sure seems quiet now. Even though she seldom barked, or made any noise, it just seems so quiet now.

It's been a little strange in the house with out Rox. The crate and dishes are gone, leash and collar put away, and the beds await their trip to The Northern Dog Rescue where they will be put to good use. It seems I've relied on my dogs opinion a little too much, as I continue to utter the words " Right Rox!".

 I awake in the morning , eyes to the floor, to ensure I don't step on the dog that is no longer there. I come home at lunch expecting to let her out as I have done for so long. It's why I came home at lunch.  In the evening I sit in my favorite chair and reach over the arm to give her a rub. But all I get is air. At bed time I head to the back door but now all I need do is lock it.

 Wendy was out a couple evenings this past week and it felt different being home alone. I never considered it before, but now I really feel alone when I'm the only at home

. It's going to take some time for these feeling go away.

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