Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Newest Addition

The newest addition to our family has finally arrived. We got to meet him this evening,

Levi Connor Kresack

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Long Weekend

 We went camping for the weekend and had great weather. A little too hot for my liking, I prefer spring and fall temperatures. The bugs were bad most of the time. The mosquitoes and black flies were a non stop source of irritation. And one of the two times I got out fishing, the biting flies were terrible. We didn't venture out on any hikes, the bugs would have been way too bad.  I think I took about 25 bites trying to capture the image of the moon below. I had to give up.

 Kimberly, Andy and Dade came out on Saturday for a while. We went to the beach so Dade could play in the water and sand. He likes the water but has no fear. Too young to know better.

 Jennifer and Anthony came out Sunday and spent the night. We spent most of Sunday at the camp site hiding in the shade trying to beat the heat and fight off the bugs.

 The dragon flies were out in full force all weekend but I doubt they could keep the insect population under control. They are huge this year.

 We didn't get the boat in the water much on the weekend. There is no dock. Some bright guy decided to have the old wood one replaced with a new aluminum one. The first section has arrived but as yet you can not leave a boat attached to it. So to get on the water you have to bring your boat from your site and launch it. Then because no one can read the sign " Boat trailer parking" you have to take your trailer back to your site and park there. Oh and you drag your boat on shore and hopefully tie it to a tree while your gone. Then you either walk or bike ride back with all your gear. And when your done you put your boat back on the trailer. A lot of work for an hour or two on the water. The fish weren't biting anyway, not even the pike. I know my brother did OK but nothing like last year. Hopefully the dock will be complete by the time we go back in late July.