Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do I or Don't I

Once again The Outdoor Show is hosting a photo contest. For those that remember, last year's winners in the Parks category were pictures of the same old same old, Kakabeka, The Sea Lion and The Sleeping Giant. And in the Landscape category, if you weren't taking a picture of a stream waterfall then apparently you wasted your time.  So what will this years entries be, the categories are the same,  Landscape, Wildlife, and Ontario Parks. Some people tell me my "giant" pictures are backwards! It amazes me how many people don't even know the park is there, or that the "giant" is visible from the other side.  Do I dare submit a picture from Pigeon River Provincial Park? Will anyone know where that is? Cause I certainly won't submit one of the "big" three. Do I have anything in mind? Maybe

No, not these. It's an outdoor show, if the people aren't outdoors then the pictures should be tossed. That would be my opinion. I stuck these in as fillers.
'Edit: just noticed that there is no People category'

Should I or shouldn't I, going to have to go see what I have. What do you think?

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