Monday, January 30, 2012


I bought it in Aug 1999, for $700. It has been plugged in and powered on ever since. Waiting patiently for the press of a button or a signal from the pc to wake it up and do it's magic. Well today the Xerox laser copier / printer died at 63059 copies / prints. Thats like 13 copies a day for 13 years, not bad.

 I've been using two printers for the last week or so because I can no longer purchase the preprinted invoice forms that I've used for the last 13 years. It seems that Blueline discontinued them with no replacement.When I found out the forms were being discontinued I bought all of them I could find. My supply of 400 came to an end and the Xerox printer didn't print the replacement form well. The accounting software had pre-defined forms but the printer didn't reproduce them clearly.  It was old. So I was printing invoices on my HP inkjet and everything else on the Xerox ( until it died ).

So the Xerox  has been replaced with a Brother laser copier / printer / scanner. So far I don't like the way it handles cheque printing. The manual single sheet feed doesn't seem to load the form straight and the result is a crooked cheque. I'll have to try it some more to see if maybe I'm doing something wrong. Other than that it prints and copies fast. Toner is a little cheaper with about the same yeild as the Xerox. The scanner works nice, something I have done without for many years but wished I had.

I'm going to miss the Xerox, it was one of the best pieces of equipment I had. I can only hope the brother lasts half as long. It has a monthly duty cycle of 10000.

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