Monday, December 5, 2011


I went for a walk on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I went to the Tree Farm in search of a tree I had taken a picture of several years ago. It was impressive and it stood alone in a clearing. It was gone, cut down, what a shame but it was probably mature and ready for removal. I didn't take a single picture. I continued to Kakabeka and took some pictures of the falls, not much water running this time of year. The same old pictures of the same old things, boring.

Sunday I decided to take a run to Chippewa for another walk. A little cooler and a wind off the lake, but a nicer day cause the sun was shining. Trees seemed to be the subject of the day, and I was able to capture some interesting views.

After I removed the two garbage cans and sign, the image below became my favorite.

I couldn't get back far enough to get this entire tree in the frame without including a lot 
of unwanted things. So I decided to shoot the picture from a shorter distance 
one third at a time. Then I put it back together with a panoramic stitching program.  

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