Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've been spending my evenings researching and creating a family tree. My mother had a great deal of information from her side of the family and I was able to find lots on my father's side.Putting the two together has created a rather complex tree. A recent discovery has added two more generations and increased the total count to 534 people.

So far, on my father's side I have traced back to my great great grandparents Anton and Teresia (Bajdik) Kresack and great great great grandfathers Jan John Lukacik and Jas Gracak.

On my mother's side I have gone back to my great grandfather Henry James Sutherland and 4th great grandparents James and Margaret (Newman) Rickards and 4th great grandparents William and Ann (Hurd)  Willstead.

Any family member that would like to view the complete tree can request in invitation from me. It will require that you create a guest account with

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