Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Camping of the Season

This past weekend was our first trip camping this year. We were joined by all the kids Saturday to Celebrate Wendy's birthday and Father's Day. A little hectic and busy. Six nice sized bass to take back, two for Christopher, two for Kimberly and two for me. Even Dade had a good time on his first overnight camping trip. Checkout those big blue eyes in the last picture.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Miracle?

I've never been one to believe in miracles. Things happen for a reason. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you go back in my blog to Oct 2010 and read " Getting Past Why". If you start there and work forward to here you will understand. It seems the blocked carotid artery in Dade's neck, the one that got crushed during labour, the one that would never allow blood flow,  the one that has caused so much concern, is working.  I don't understand it , his parents don't understand it, and the doctors don't understand it.We were told the damage was permanent. But it is good news now and for the future. Whats done is done, and the latest mri shows no change. No more trips to London, they can't do anything more. If I didn't tell you , you would never know. They say "time heals", I guess it must be true. 

So is it a miracle or not? I don't know. What I do know is that this little guy has beaten the odds. An unbelievable, million to one, chain of events has led him to today. I believe he is here for a reason, he is a survivor.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hard Drive Click & added note

For the last couple of days my computer hard drive has been clicking. The computer runs 24/7. If it's not doing work, it's capturing images of my vehicle. Lately I've noticed a clicking sound and slow speed while running certain programs. It seems my drive might have a problem. I purchased a replacement drive and decided to try a well reviewed program called EASEUS TODO BACKUP. I erased all the files I didn't need or had previously copied to dvd which reduced my "used"drive size from about 220 gb to 28 gb of 250gb total. With that done I installed the new drive and proceeded to clone the original drive. After about 30 minutes the job was done.

Disconnecting the original drive and connecting the new one  I pressed the power button and waited. My cpu takes some time to boot but to my surprise it actually worked. A complete bootable clone on a new drive. Impressive.

If you ever need a program for backing up, creating a usable drive recovery image, or cloning a drive I would certainly recommend  EASEUS TODO BACKUP.  Best of all it is free for personal use! Get a copy and put it on your hard drive.

You can even create a drive image back up, save it to a dvd and create a bootable cd to start your dead cpu. Then re-install your information on a new drive. Your going to loose data but you will still have your original operating systems and many of your programs. It will even create the hidden partition that contains your recovery software.

I back up my data daily to two separate devices but I have never backed up a drive. I will now.

ADDED NOTE: When I decided to replace my drive all I could find was a 500gb. My original was about half that size. The first clone attempt worked great but it partitioned the new drive the same as the old. I tried numerous methods of recovering the hidden wasted space. Although I was able to recover it, it caused boot failures. After a night or so of cursing I decided to remove all the partitions from the new drive and re clone using the exact same method I used in the start. It worked. Everything indicates that the drive is 500gb but I can only access 228gb of it. I have shut down and rebooted numerous times without fail.  All I can figure is that something in the hard drive or on the motherboard is causing the failure as it is not seeing the same size drive as the original.

Cost $90 & 2 evenings, we won't even go into the dealings with Staples and Ed the know it all.
 But I did fill out their online survey and as I told Ed " I'll be pissed and you will here from me if your wrong".
He was wrong, and I did call him.

Savings too great to list. Back in business and I will probably never miss the 250gb. Storage is not a problem with 3 other drives connected to the cpu. 2 internal & 1 external.

Just when you think you have backed up enough, you better do it again!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Water Bombers

Some pictures of the two MNR water bombers from May 31. They were called to help battle the bark pile fire at Bowater. They flew directly overhead back and forth from the mill to Lake Superior. About 4.7 miles each way.