Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weird or What?

I'm not claustrophobic, at least I don't think so, but it sure was a weird feeling. Hard to describe. Hesitant, anxious, scared, attracted and excited all combined. So what do I call it?  How about "Weird or what". 

There is a side road a couple miles past Sunshine that will take you to an abandoned rail line. The rails and ties have been removed so it is just a bed of gravel. Following the old line for about a half mile will bring you to this,

It is called Flett Tunnel
And this is where Christopher and I went today.

 The closer we got the stranger it felt.

 We both went in but Christopher couldn't do it and had to turn back. I went about half way to take some more pictures. It certainly was a weird feeling. If your into Google Earth you can actually see the tunnel. Its like the rail bed just ends and then starts again about 600 feet away. That's the tunnel. It can be found at 16U 295204.63 E  5388253.16 N. Alternately you could enter Flett Rd, ON in the "Fly to" box and it will take you to the general area. Activate the Panoramio  layer and move NE to find the photos and tunnel.

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