Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tick !

No not tick tock, just tick. Two of them. 

For the amount of time I spend in the bush I'm surprised that yesterday was the first time I've ever had a tick. I climbed over some dead fall and walked through a bit of bush but nothing compared to normal. Normal might require a gps, compass, or flag tape to get back. I certainly didn't need those yesterday. I wasn't more than 50' from the highway at any time. I removed one tick at home before it became attached and the other had to be removed from me. No ill effects so far.

I did manage to take a series of 25 pictures yesterday and combine them to create a 360 panorama. A first for me. I got to use my cheap tripod and home made pano adapter. The adapter seems to have worked well. Not exactly the greatest area for a panorama  but it worked. The panorama is from the Pigeon River down along the water near the board walk. The final panorama is at

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