Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pigeon River Provincial Park

I took a ride to Middle Falls today  to walk the trail to the look out. The lookout is above High Falls and the trail starts from the old camp ground. It is about 1.2 miles each way. From the top you can see The Canadian Border building, the bridge across the Pigeon River and Lake Superior towards Finger Point.

The little hump in the middle of this picture is the top of Finger Point about 2.2 miles away as the crow flies.

The trail to the top of Finger Point is quite exposed. Here is what it looks like from a distance.
Not the greatest picture but not too bad for 2.2 miles away!

Below is the border crossing bridge from Canada to the US. About 1 mile from where I was and some 350 feet below.

 A little closer look at the bridge. Don't forget this is hand held from a mile away.

The last picture from the top is of High Falls. Where the water runs over the top anyway. I ran out of time to actually go to the falls today. Next time.

 A couple of fungus pictures on the way back.

 I had a visitor at lunch. I watched him make trips from under the old visitor centre to where ever and back again. After the third trip I realized he was carrying something out with each trip. I never did see what it was but I got close enough to get these pictures. I figure he was taking dead or maybe baby mice back to his hut behind the visitors centre. They looked pink in colour.

I ended my walk with a trip through the old campground to Middle Falls. 
An interesting place to visit.

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