Saturday, April 23, 2011


Christopher and I went to Sibley to see about doing some Steelhead fishing in the creeks. As we found the creeks are not running very fast and the level of Lake Superior is low. At Sibley Bay ( old Squaw Bay) Lake Superior is very low. We were able to walk about 50 out into the bay, a first for me. Every time I've been there I could just get to the mouth of the creek.

We stopped at several places along Sibley Creek, including the mouth at Lake Superior. Hardly any water moving out of the creek. Three guys in the lake in hip waders didn't seem to be having much luck. On our way out of the park we stopped to checkout something that caught my eye on the way in.

Not much left but bones.The jaw was broken which makes me think it was probably hit by a truck and then plowed over the snow bank

After leaving the park we went to Mackenzie River to try our luck. Four or five others trying their luck but I didn't see anyone leaving with fish. The only thing I saw was Christopher walking across the old railway bridge. Timbers only! I was quite surprised for someone afraid of heights.

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