Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And there it was, Gone

About 2 weeks ago I was watching a video about The Sleeping Giant on You Tube. It was a collection of 46 pictures fading in and out and pulsating to background music. It had been uploaded about 2 years ago with credit given to it's author. I was about 30 seconds into the video when I recognized what I thought was one of my photographs. The beach at Sleeping Giant. Then another and a third, a picture of Talus Lake, which hangs in my living room. In total I counted 7 of the 46 as being my original works. I created an account and contacted the video's author requesting that credit for the photos be added along with their credit for creating the video or that the photos / video be removed. If this was not done then I would follow up with copy right infringement proceedings. Two weeks, no answer, several e-mails later and the video has been removed from You Tube. Too bad actually cause it had a link from the City of Thunder Bay to it.

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