Sunday, March 6, 2011

More from Mink

I was back to the top of Mink Mountain again yesterday. I wanted to shoot a couple more panoramas and it is a fairly easy climb. I decided to take the direct route to the Sturgeon Bay lookout and that turned out to be a mistake. After about 2km into the walk the trail branches to head to the top. Unfortunately there were about 15 uprooted trees that had fallen in the way. I mean directly in line with the trail, which by the way, had no human foot prints. The only tracks I saw were deer and what I guess to be lynx or some other type of cat. Way too round  a track for wolf. Oh yea and the odd mouse or two ( see the picture below). I was too far into the trip to turn back so I decided to go around the trees in the knee deep snow. I finally made it to the top and took a pile of pictures. Then it was the decision of which way to return to the truck. Back through the deep snow or all the way around the top? No one else had been on the trail since at least the last snow fall but previous boot prints were easy to see. I took the long way across the top and it turned out to be better. I got a couple nice panoramas out of the trip. They actually view much better from Quick Time cause you get to view side to side like you are turning your head. It is more realistic. Unfortunately I can't seem to upload  the QTVR to the blog. But for a bigger view follow the link to my panaramio site and look at them full size.

Photo contest comment : My previous comments don't come from not winning. They come from seeing the same old things. I didn't care about the People category.  In Landscape, I saw three streams with three little waterfalls. The first is by far the best cause the other two both have blown whites at what I see as the focal point, the water falls. I also found it very interesting that from some 300 entries all three winners were little streams with waterfalls.  In Parks it was the big three, The Giant, Kakabeka Falls and  the Sea Lion. Same old things viewed from the same old spots. I should have entered this one, It would have been different,

But I couldn't, as much as I like it, it's not a very good picture. And in Wildlife, the fox is very nice and unique, the mouse ( or whatever it is )  appears over exposed and a duck is a duck, nothing special there. If you feel a need or desire to pick apart my entries, please do so. I'm sure I would learn something from it!

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