Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Died

NOT ME. My camera.

So after15 months and some 15659 operations of the shutter my "new" camera has packed it in. That's correct fifteen thousand six hundred and fifty nine. That works out to about 34 pictures a day! It won't acknowledge a media card. I've tried all four and even a small 256mb one that I have. Remember when 256mb was huge, not that long ago! I've erased them, formatted them and yelled at them. But the camera still won't read them. And yes they work perfectly in both my computers. So the real question is .. What now?

Apparently an entry level dslr, like mine, was never designed to take that many pictures in that short a time. So what did "they" think we would do with it? I would say it costs nothing to take a picture but I think my $600 camera body would disagree. So it seems they rate the life span on shutter operations, approximately 50, 000 for this unit. So if this is true then I've burned through 1/3 of it's life in 15 months. I think it has more to do with luck, like buying a car that turns out to be a lemon.  I still have my first Fuji digital camera, it must be 10 years old. Works great. At this point I can only assume one of two things has happened to my camera. One, I zapped it with static and destroyed the card reader/writer portion. Or two, the pins that connect the card have become damaged from excessive insertion / removal of the cards. Do I crack it open or send it away?

Do I buy another Canon? Not much choice. I have way too much stuff to convert. A 50mm, 18-55mm, 35-105mm, 55-250mm, borrowed 500mm, 250 & 500D close up lens, angle finder, spare battery, circ polarizer, 6 cokin P filters & holder, remote release, FD to EOS adapter with af confirm, and a custom made pano head for the tripod. And there are probably a couple things I've missed.

I think I'm going to call the Canon support number tomorrow and see if I can get some idea of cost for repairing the camera. Of course there will also be shipping in both directions. I'm going to hazard a guess of $350 by the time it's all done.

30 min later...................

Oh.... I was just playing with my broken camera, examining the card slot & card. You guessed it, the camera read the card. The camera took a picture and stored it. So it probably isn't zapped, I just plain wore out the card slot. So far it only worked once but I'm going to keep trying. If I can get it to work more that a couple of times, it could prove repairable. I'll keep you posted!

60 min later...................

OK so now it works? I've opened & closed the card door near 30 times, pulled & installed the card about the same number of times. At first it was intermittent - working maybe every second or third time. Now it works every time. Door switch? Card contact? Had to be one of them cause now it is back to normal. But I just took another 200 pictures off the camera's expected life. And none of them were keepers! 15859 and counting, time for bed.

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