Thursday, March 3, 2011

Four Months Old & No Winners

Well the little guy is now 4 months old. How time flies, it still doesn't seem real. Busy at work, busy at home and little time for anything else. I look forward to getting out Saturdays. Somewhere anywhere it doesn't matter. I did find time this week to finish my tripod adapter. It moves the center of the camera lens to the pivot point of the tripod. It helps to reduce parallax, creating a better panorama. I'll get to test it on Saturday. By the way the software I use to create the panorama is available in a freeware version. It is fully functional other than being able to create a Quick Time movie. It will compile & stitch the panorama, even from hand held pictures. The last 180 panorama I did was from 44 individual 10mp pictures. It can be found at

So what happened at the Out Door Show Photo Contest? This is what I've learned from it. 

" Stick with the same old same old and you'll have a chance"
"Brian get your eyes fixed you can't shoot worth a shit."

Here is a link to the winners and you already saw what I had to offer.

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