Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sleeping Giant Beach

I was looking at entering a local photo contest being held next weekend at the Outdoor Show. After reading the fine print and checking out the prizes, I decided not to waste the time. 3rd place - a 5x7 print & a copy of Moods of the Sleeping Giant calendar. 2nd place - a 8 x10 print and a calendar. 1st prize -  a 10 x 14 framed print, and you guessed it, a Moods of the Sleeping Giant calendar. Well I can print 5x7 and 8x10 and I have more pictures of the Giant than I know what to do with. Enough to make 20 calendars I'm sure. The overall best of show prize is 2 nights camping at Sleeping Giant. The real kicker is that there are no compositional changes allowed. I learned some time ago that if I want to print pictures then I have to think about composition before pressing the shutter. It's not enough to compose the shot in the view finder. I like printing 8 x 10 but my camera produces 8 x 12. I know I'm going to loose 2 inches before I even start. So most times I try to think ahead to the final image. So cropping 2 inches off an original image is a compositional change and all but a few of my photographs would be disqualified.

Anyway, while looking through some images from last year, I came across a series of pictures of the beach at Sleeping Giant. I had taken them in hopes of producing a panorama. I remember trying but the software bundled with the camera is typical crap. It didn't turn out. This new software did an excellent job of it. A touch dark in the middle but I may have had a circular polarizing filter attached. A definite mistake in this case. I could probably fix it up with Photoshop. The program is PanoramaPlus X4. It was $15 to download although a free version is available which is fully functional but is limited to producing the stitched jpg. The paid version will produce a Quicktime VR as well as exporting the image in pdf format.

Below is the final image, stitched from 7 images, touched up and re-sized. The image is approx a 180 degree view. I'm looking forward to trying a 360. Just need a place to go.

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