Sunday, February 13, 2011

Never Made It

This was to be Saturday's destination, the top of Finger Point. Well I didn't get that far. It wasn't that I couldn't do the walk, it was only 5km. I even walked 5 km that day.

I've been to the top before, a steady climb from the base, not difficult. I know somebody was up there in January, I read it in her blog. The lower section of trail had lots of foot prints and snowshoe marks. But that was only until the turn off to head down the shoreline. Then it was just 2 pair of metal snowshoes. I figured if the snowshoes made it so could I. After about 200m the snowshoes stopped. Now it was just the deer prints, some wolf tracks and me. I wandered about another 200m and decided to stop. From the picture below you can see that there isn't much cover on the side of the mountain. In fact a good portion of the trail is sort of carved into the side of the mountain. Not enough trees to stop a fall. Not really somewhere I wanted to be. Had someone else left a packed path to follow, it might have been a different story.

So I decided to turn back and head for High Falls. Along the return trail I noticed some very peculiar tracks and had to get some pictures. Sort of a "big Foot" appearance to the prints which were quite large.
My forefinger to thumb is about 6" making that hind leg print about 4.5 - 5" long. That would make for a rather large Snowshoe Hare. Amazing how they can land and hop from one spot and only depress the snow about 1/2", even if they are only 2 - 4 pounds.
I'll be back to conquer Finger Point, I want to produce a 360 panoramic picture from the top. But it will have to wait for another day. The panorama pictures from the shore don't quite cut it. Not really enough to see to make it appealing. Maybe it's the effect of winter. Dark, white and more white.

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