Monday, February 21, 2011

Cliff Panorama

I know, I know, you want more Goober pictures. Well I don't have any so it will just have to be this,

Oh yea, remember that little photo contest? Well after talking to the guy handling the contest I decided to enter it. According to this guy, crops are allowed cause we are amateurs. That is what he told everyone that called. So what did I enter you ask? Well here they are,

The Wasp
Perry Bay
Sturgeon & Pie
The wasp is amazing but not my favorite. It is still a toss up between the last two but I'm leaning toward Sturgeon & Pie. A unique angle that exposes the beauty of both islands, even though Pie Island is 10km in the distance. I would love to sail around Pie Island and just take pictures. I think I would fill my memory cards before the trip ended. Am I going to regret entering this contest, maybe.

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