Monday, February 21, 2011

Cliff Panorama

I know, I know, you want more Goober pictures. Well I don't have any so it will just have to be this,

Oh yea, remember that little photo contest? Well after talking to the guy handling the contest I decided to enter it. According to this guy, crops are allowed cause we are amateurs. That is what he told everyone that called. So what did I enter you ask? Well here they are,

The Wasp
Perry Bay
Sturgeon & Pie
The wasp is amazing but not my favorite. It is still a toss up between the last two but I'm leaning toward Sturgeon & Pie. A unique angle that exposes the beauty of both islands, even though Pie Island is 10km in the distance. I would love to sail around Pie Island and just take pictures. I think I would fill my memory cards before the trip ended. Am I going to regret entering this contest, maybe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sleeping Giant Beach

I was looking at entering a local photo contest being held next weekend at the Outdoor Show. After reading the fine print and checking out the prizes, I decided not to waste the time. 3rd place - a 5x7 print & a copy of Moods of the Sleeping Giant calendar. 2nd place - a 8 x10 print and a calendar. 1st prize -  a 10 x 14 framed print, and you guessed it, a Moods of the Sleeping Giant calendar. Well I can print 5x7 and 8x10 and I have more pictures of the Giant than I know what to do with. Enough to make 20 calendars I'm sure. The overall best of show prize is 2 nights camping at Sleeping Giant. The real kicker is that there are no compositional changes allowed. I learned some time ago that if I want to print pictures then I have to think about composition before pressing the shutter. It's not enough to compose the shot in the view finder. I like printing 8 x 10 but my camera produces 8 x 12. I know I'm going to loose 2 inches before I even start. So most times I try to think ahead to the final image. So cropping 2 inches off an original image is a compositional change and all but a few of my photographs would be disqualified.

Anyway, while looking through some images from last year, I came across a series of pictures of the beach at Sleeping Giant. I had taken them in hopes of producing a panorama. I remember trying but the software bundled with the camera is typical crap. It didn't turn out. This new software did an excellent job of it. A touch dark in the middle but I may have had a circular polarizing filter attached. A definite mistake in this case. I could probably fix it up with Photoshop. The program is PanoramaPlus X4. It was $15 to download although a free version is available which is fully functional but is limited to producing the stitched jpg. The paid version will produce a Quicktime VR as well as exporting the image in pdf format.

Below is the final image, stitched from 7 images, touched up and re-sized. The image is approx a 180 degree view. I'm looking forward to trying a 360. Just need a place to go.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Never Made It

This was to be Saturday's destination, the top of Finger Point. Well I didn't get that far. It wasn't that I couldn't do the walk, it was only 5km. I even walked 5 km that day.

I've been to the top before, a steady climb from the base, not difficult. I know somebody was up there in January, I read it in her blog. The lower section of trail had lots of foot prints and snowshoe marks. But that was only until the turn off to head down the shoreline. Then it was just 2 pair of metal snowshoes. I figured if the snowshoes made it so could I. After about 200m the snowshoes stopped. Now it was just the deer prints, some wolf tracks and me. I wandered about another 200m and decided to stop. From the picture below you can see that there isn't much cover on the side of the mountain. In fact a good portion of the trail is sort of carved into the side of the mountain. Not enough trees to stop a fall. Not really somewhere I wanted to be. Had someone else left a packed path to follow, it might have been a different story.

So I decided to turn back and head for High Falls. Along the return trail I noticed some very peculiar tracks and had to get some pictures. Sort of a "big Foot" appearance to the prints which were quite large.
My forefinger to thumb is about 6" making that hind leg print about 4.5 - 5" long. That would make for a rather large Snowshoe Hare. Amazing how they can land and hop from one spot and only depress the snow about 1/2", even if they are only 2 - 4 pounds.
I'll be back to conquer Finger Point, I want to produce a 360 panoramic picture from the top. But it will have to wait for another day. The panorama pictures from the shore don't quite cut it. Not really enough to see to make it appealing. Maybe it's the effect of winter. Dark, white and more white.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mink Mountain Panorama

This one seems to have turned out a little better. It is a combination of 13 photographs from left side looking NE across to East, South and ending on the right side looking SW. The pictures were combined using a demo program. This one looks much better than the first attempt.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sam. Sam who?

When I get mad  my parents and Papa seem to think I look like Sam the Eagle. They could be right cause there is some resemblance when I'm not mad. What do you think?  
Lets hope I don't end up with those eyebrows!

I'm Back

Hi, how you doing,

That's right I'm back. I was on a trip to see some doctors in London, ON.

They did some test and took a pile of blood. My veins couldn't handle it, they kept blowing out. I got mad & cried a lot. My dad got really upset

They say I'm doing really good, They don't even want to use the term CP. I was surprised but I guess they know best.

I didn't get to see Nana and Papa for a long time

Nana was so happy to see me, she got me some new toys to play with.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mink Mountain

I took another trip up to the top of Mink Mountain today. It takes about 30 min to reach the top. It's all up hill right from the road. Although the trail has been traveled, it has probably been several weeks since anyone has been on it. I was making post holes at the top, 16" deep. I went as far as the bench and spent about 45 min on top. The descent was much easier.

Pie Island from shore level

Pie Island from Mink Mountain, looks a lot more impressive

Looking out over Lake Superior

And my reason for the trip, 
a panorama view from the top spanning about 180 degrees

not bad for a first attempt at stitching photos.
I'm working on another, hopefully better one.
I'll post it tomorrow if it turns out.