Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trailer progress

So the weekend is coming to a close & what did I accomplish on the trailer,

fridge is in
furnace is in & wired
lifting posts are sealed
panel, and heater are in & wired
120 v outlets are done, 2 are outside so they can't be finished
12v wiring is 90% complete,
tail light and marker light wiring is done
end walls are sheeted
outer plywood trimmed 90%, need to finish the rest with a knife
cabinet doors, bench covers, back rests and counter / sink are installed
two 1/4" long slivers, from several days ago, removed from the left hand, one more to go

Tomorrow I will order the aluminum & have it delivered to the fab shop. They are expecting it and will "baby" it for me till I get them the measurements for cutting & bending.

One service call Friday night.
Out to a birthday party Saturday night.
I even took time out on Sunday so that Roxy & I could go to the Tree Farm for an hour walk.

I certainly got more done than I expected.

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