Sunday, October 31, 2010

Text Messages

I got it, I use it. It's a pain. Why not just call me instead of texting 4,5,6 times? I have trouble talking & driving even with a bluetooth. A lot of my texts get delayed answers cause I just can't do it all at once. But it does have it's uses,

With everything thats happening in the last couple days I would be in the dark without it. I always have my phone close by, thats part of work. Lately it hasn't left my hand. Getting updates & messages from London to TBay and answering back are amazingly fast. Assuming your phone is on you get the message NOW and can reply NOW. No waiting for calls and wondering what's happening or when you will here from them. No phoning and hoping someone will answer.

I might be old school, and I still don't really care for texting, but I sure love it now! Where would I be with out it? Eventually I'll go back to my old ways. It's still a pain. But for now it gets me what I need, information fast and easy.

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