Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was looking for a new place to take the dog for a walk today when I ended up at a familiar site. I have been there many times and read descriptions of various hikes in the area. But today I found something different. There was a description of a hike to Sifting Lake. I've been there once a couple years ago but something didn't look quite right with this page. ( Turns out I was right, it's my picture! I uploaded it to Panoramio & Google Earth back in Feb 2008. A little more investigating and I found two more, both of which were uploaded to Panoramio & Google Earth. Sawyer Bay and High Falls.

I've compared the images and there is no doubt they are mine. I sent an e-mail to the site owner expressing my disapproval & I'm awaiting an answer. After finding three, and one that belongs to another guy ( I sent him a note as well), I'm not sure I even want the owner to continue using them. What really gets me is this at the bottom of her page "Copyright © 2010 Superior Hiking All rights reserved." Yea OK

Here are the three pictures,

I'm looking forward to hearing what she might have to say.

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