Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slow progress

It has been just over three weeks since I decided to investigate the spongy floor in the tent trailer. The floor has been getting worse for a couple seasons and it was time to see about repairing it.

Weekend 1

So what have I done? Well the canvas is off, the roof is on saw horses, and the trailer is in the garage. The furnace, fridge, and all our stuff has made it's way to storage. The bunks, the benches, and the door are piled in my van ready to go to the warehouse. Whats left of the side walls are under the trailer and the rotten end walls are standing in the corner. The vinyl flooring and the water filled orient strand board floor are piled outback in the driveway. Two days and I'm down to the frame and at a turning point. Time to make a decision.

Option 1 :
Put a deck on and some tail lights on the frame and sell it as a used utility trailer. ( But I just put a new suspension on the trailer about a year ago. Cost of about $300. And I re did the roof two years ago at a cost of about $ 300. ) Wait until spring and start looking for another trailer.

Option 2 :
Scrap it all and give up camping, not an option.

Option 3 :
Repair the damage. Including the following,

A: new wood floor & vinyl
B: remove all plywood and aluminum from side walls, replace rotten ends,
C: build new end walls ( 2 pieces each )
D: recover all inside benches with plywood to match new walls
E: rewire entire trailer, 12 volt and 120 volt
F: new aluminum skin on exterior, painted
G: and what ever else might need repair

Estimated cost $ 700 - $ 1000

Weeks 2 and 3

So we have decided to repair the trailer and that is what I have been doing for the last couple weeks. So far the wood floor and vinyl are installed. The side walls have been peeled to the frame work, skinned with mahogany plywood and installed. The four new sections for the end walls are built and sheeted on the inside with mahogany plywood. Both end walls are installed. The kitchen section has been sheeted and installed. All three benches ( storage areas ) have been sheeted and installed. The trailer should be ready for aluminum by this Monday if all goes well. I still have to purchase the 4 x 8 sheets and have them sheared and bends put in them.

Tomorrow is Oct 1st already and time is running out. The trailer needs to be finished soon cause I can't keep it in the yard this year. This weekend I hope to get the following accomplished,

install fridge and furnace
reconnect all propane lines
wire 120 v outlets, heater, and panel
wire interior 12v to lighting, furnace, thermostat, etc.
install wiring for tail lights and side markers
cut and fit plywood on outside end walls ( can't be done until all wiring is complete)
trim all outer plywood to get ready for aluminum
seal all lifting posts
seal wheel wells to side walls
final coat stain and urethane on inside walls, benches and cabinets

I'll be lucky to get half that done.
It's been difficult to get stuff done in the evening. By the time supper is over and the paperwork is done, I have about an hour and a half to work. Having the trailer inside doesn't leave much room to work, its a tight fit. Frustrating but its getting there.

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