Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More from the weekend

Not sure how I missed these but they are from the weekend out camping. The first, a view from the dock looking NW down to the point.

I was biking back from the dock Monday morning when I came across this little guy. He was laying in the grass along the road by the beach sunning himself. Eyes closed and not a care in the world. I managed to walk to within 10 feet before he stood up. Way too tame. I remember a couple years back one evening at the dock when a little guy like this showed up. I was taking pictures of the giant from the dock with my camera on a tripod. I was using a wide angle adapter which I stored in a leather pouch. My camera bag and the pouch were behind me at the edge of the dock. The little guy snuck up behind me and stole the pouch. I had to quickly pack up my stuff and chase him through 4 or 5 camp sites before I got it back. About 15 minutes later I found him sitting on the roof of my car. I heard a lot of people lost stuff that summer. One runner, sock, sandal, or what ever he could get his teeth on. I was lucky to get mine back.

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