Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Camping Trip

Labour day weekend was our last trip camping for the season although I may go out a couple more times before winter sets in. I've got some major work to do to the trailer before winter and we have a wedding to attend on Thanksgiving weekend. Looks like the turkey dinner will be at home this year. We had Jackson with us for the weekend camping. He kept us busy all weekend. We went to the Sea Lion & Ravine lake on Saturday then Tee-Harbour on Sunday. He sure can walk! Roxy did quite well, 14 km round trip with a short swim at Tee-Harbour. I wasn't sure how well she would do. We all went to bed at 10 Sunday.

I got out fishing three times, twice by the island and once across the other side of the lake. No bites at all, Christopher got a bass ( keeper) , James got a couple pike and Jackson got a couple pike. With all the heavy winds prior to Sunday everything in the lake was so stirred up the fish were full from eating. The wind was so bad Friday that it pulled the entire buoy line the marks the swimming area and put in on shore. There were trees and branches down all over.

Lots of mushrooms on the trails again this year. I managed to get some pictures along the way to Tee-Harbour on Sunday. Below are some of the more interesting ones.

The last picture is our usual fishing spot on the other side of the lake. It is one of two rocky bays with weed beds along the shore lines. I took this picture from the beach about 2.8 km away.

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