Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Ride

I decided Friday that I was going to Sleeping Giant Saturday to do a little fishing and maybe a short hike. No one wanted or could go so I headed out myself around 7 am. There is no sense in arriving before 9 am cause you can't get a day pass until they open. After a stop for coffee, a reading of the newspaper and a short talk with the coffee shop owner it was time to GO. Arriving at 9:15 I got a day pass and headed to the dock. I knew it was windy but there were white caps everywhere! So that was the fishing part done. Seems like every time I want to go fishing its bad weather. Lots of people go out when there are white caps, like the guy stuck at the causeway, with his motor cover off. No way your gonna paddle back. Guess I could have loaned him my motor to get back to the dock. Anyway I did a bike ride toward T-Harbour and Lehtinen's Bay. After a short walk into Shuniah Lake through the bush it was decided that I should stay on the known path. Once again I told myself "Do not bushwhack and leave your glasses in the truck at the same time. You will NOT be able to properly read the gps". Been there, done that, did it again? At least I got a picture. I can hardly wait to upload my gps track and see how many circles I did before getting out. Anyway it was on to T-Harbour then Lehtinen's Bay. 17 km on the bike and probably another 5 km walking. After getting back to the truck I went and sat at the beach for a while. Then headed home arriving about 5 pm. Below are some of the pictures I captured. Not bad for a days trip.

In the bottom right corner of the rock face is a crop from the same picture showing
a tree growing. Can you see it in the original?

Gotta love this next one, probably my favorite of the trip.

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