Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afternoon Off

The boss gave me the afternoon off as there wasn't much going on. Actually I decided that if I could get my camera & tripod out the door before my phone rang, I was taking the afternoon off. Oh yea, with pay! And so I did, leaving at 12:30 and returning around 5:00. I decided to go to the Cascades and then the Marina. Something is still not right with my pictures, darkening of the edges appears to be a problem. I'm wondering if the polarizing filter is causing the problem? I was using it with all the shots taken today. Next time out I'll have to do some comparison shots.

OK so after a little searching on the internet it turns out the vignetting is my fault. A uv and Circ polarizing lens on a 18-55mm lens wide open will cause this problem. So much to learn and remember. Too bad its not noticeable on the lcd. There are Photoshop filters to correct it but it is best done by avoiding the situation from the start. Guess I might just have to go back.

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Ron Kresack said...

the picture of the red leaf, shadows and rocks is amazing