Saturday, August 28, 2010

Long Ride

I decided Friday that I was going to Sleeping Giant Saturday to do a little fishing and maybe a short hike. No one wanted or could go so I headed out myself around 7 am. There is no sense in arriving before 9 am cause you can't get a day pass until they open. After a stop for coffee, a reading of the newspaper and a short talk with the coffee shop owner it was time to GO. Arriving at 9:15 I got a day pass and headed to the dock. I knew it was windy but there were white caps everywhere! So that was the fishing part done. Seems like every time I want to go fishing its bad weather. Lots of people go out when there are white caps, like the guy stuck at the causeway, with his motor cover off. No way your gonna paddle back. Guess I could have loaned him my motor to get back to the dock. Anyway I did a bike ride toward T-Harbour and Lehtinen's Bay. After a short walk into Shuniah Lake through the bush it was decided that I should stay on the known path. Once again I told myself "Do not bushwhack and leave your glasses in the truck at the same time. You will NOT be able to properly read the gps". Been there, done that, did it again? At least I got a picture. I can hardly wait to upload my gps track and see how many circles I did before getting out. Anyway it was on to T-Harbour then Lehtinen's Bay. 17 km on the bike and probably another 5 km walking. After getting back to the truck I went and sat at the beach for a while. Then headed home arriving about 5 pm. Below are some of the pictures I captured. Not bad for a days trip.

In the bottom right corner of the rock face is a crop from the same picture showing
a tree growing. Can you see it in the original?

Gotta love this next one, probably my favorite of the trip.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Reworked Giant

Thursday's picture of the Sleeping Giant wasn't so great ( see below ). So I decided to rework it in Photoshop to produce something a little different. It took about an hour to come up with the final result. I probably should have done it to the original image then reduced the size as I'm interested in printing it. Could I do it again? Probably.

Wendy is running & working Saturday so I'm going to take off and go for a boat ride & do a little fishing. Not sure if Christopher is comming, I asked but didn't really get an answer. I'm going either way. Most likely to Sibley, that way I can do a little walking & shooting ( picture) as well.

I like this, might need a little more work on the lower section.
More blues & less darkness to even it out would help make
the giant stand out more.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afternoon Off

The boss gave me the afternoon off as there wasn't much going on. Actually I decided that if I could get my camera & tripod out the door before my phone rang, I was taking the afternoon off. Oh yea, with pay! And so I did, leaving at 12:30 and returning around 5:00. I decided to go to the Cascades and then the Marina. Something is still not right with my pictures, darkening of the edges appears to be a problem. I'm wondering if the polarizing filter is causing the problem? I was using it with all the shots taken today. Next time out I'll have to do some comparison shots.

OK so after a little searching on the internet it turns out the vignetting is my fault. A uv and Circ polarizing lens on a 18-55mm lens wide open will cause this problem. So much to learn and remember. Too bad its not noticeable on the lcd. There are Photoshop filters to correct it but it is best done by avoiding the situation from the start. Guess I might just have to go back.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Flies

Seems like we just go back from camping but its already been 2 weeks. Last Saturday I took a 1 day course on Landscape Photography at Sleeping Giant Park. It was quite informative and I learned a fair bit. It was a crappy day for shooting, low clouds and windy, but still worth the money to attend. I missed the earlier workshops but I'll probably attend them next year. The Sea Lion picture was taken at the workshop. The others are from earlier this year.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to the grind

Nine days of camping went way too fast. Lots of sun and a little rain allowed us to spend most of the time out doors. The kids were out on several occasions and we did quite a bit of fishing. I think our keep and eat total for the nine days, for everyone, was around 11. Below are the two I caught on Tuesday morning. Wendy's father and his Wife visited from Hamilton and spent a couple nights camping beside us. It went OK. All the kids got to meet him ( first time for Kimberly & Christoper & spouses ).

We ventured to Middlebrun Bay on Thursday and got completely soaked on the way back. We got caught in the first down pour, and made it to the car just before the big down pour started. Just after we got back there was a lightening strike about 6 camp sites back. It made a mess of the birch tree, luckily no one was hurt.

I hung a humming bird feeder out for the week and captured some interesting pictures, they are fast and with trying to quit smoking ( 9 days now ) my patients were a little thin. I managed to get some fairly good pictures.

All in all it was a good vacation but I could have stayed another week. Hope you enjoy the pictures below,

Tuesday's Bass

Bald Eagle on the Island

Unknown Flower

Humming Brids

( 2 images below taken with 500mm FD lens )

Lake near the Thunder Bay Lookout

Lake Superior from Silver Islet

Lake Superior from Silver Islet

Looking out Perry Bay

Green Leaf
(not sure why I like this but it grabs my attention)

Lightening Strike

Monarch Butterfly

Tired wet dog

The Sleeping Giant from the dock

Our Transportation

The van uses a self loader to get the boat on and off. It automatically walks the boat back, stands it on end and lowers it into the water. It takes about two minutes to load / unload the boat. The time consuming part is loading / unloading the fuel, motor, and other accessories. I can handle it myself and it usually takes about a half an hour to get in the water complete or back on the van to leave. I spend more time answering questions to everyone that stops and watches. Most people have never seen anything like it. I've only seen two other similar units and both were manually operated. I have a manual hand chain in case of a winch failure and it is actually faster than the winch.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back in

Back in for part of the day. Long enough to fix 2 car washes, pick up parts for my boat motor, food, clothes, and to fix my AC unit. It died on Saturday. Everything is back to normal for now,

Back to camp............