Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Now I'm starting to like it.

I took some more pictures last night, still trying different settings. My last camera, in the auto mode, produced very vivid pictures. I seldom used any of the programmable modes. But this camera is quite different. No more compose and shoot, there are many other thing to consider. I guess I have to explore the options cause I know that I won't like the results if I just point and shoot. Are these too dark, light, too saturated? I don't know, I think it is a personal preference. I darkened 3 and 4 cause I liked the final look. I brightened 2 to try and bring out the white "hairs" and to me it looks good.
With my old camera I could review the pictures on the LCD or through the view finder. It was much easier to see through the view finder as the LCD colour was not the same. With the new camera there is no choice, it's the LCD or nothing. One thing it has taught me is to review the histogram for every shot and correct to compensate for problems. Maybe I have learned something.

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