Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great Weekend

I'm still recovering from the weekend of camping, or should I say excessive exercise. The first weekend is always the hardest on the old body. At least I know I'm not the only one that suffered, or is still suffering. Kimberly & Andy came out for the day Saturday and Christopher & Leslie joined us for two nights. I think everyone had a good time. Three dogs was a challenge for a while. Really two cause Roxy doesn't want to get involved. She has never really liked playing with other dogs, she is more interested in people. After about 20 min of the other two dogs chasing each other and disappearing I thought we should attach them collar to collar with a one foot lead. Wow did that work good, not only did it slow them down but it seemed to keep them in check. They still moved around a lot but Shadow took charge and had Kella along for the ride. We tried connecting Roxy with a second lead but she refused to move. It lasted about 20 seconds as she was just not interested. Wendy and Roxy left Sunday around 1PM cause Wendy had a supper Sunday and run to attend on Monday. Christopher, Leslie and I walked to T-Harbour and back Sunday afternoon. A walk which I'm still paying for in stiffness.

Bike - 26km
Walking - 23km

Anyway, below are some pictures of things that caught my eye on the weekend.

Acorn on the beach

White Tail

Fisherman's Cabin

Mushroom growth

Little Rodent

Up Rooted



Sleeping Giant

Babies, 11 for now

Moon, near full May 22

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One More Sleep!

I've been bugging Roxy for the last few days. 3 more sleeps, 2 more sleeps.... Camping season starts tomorrow and she knows whats going on. She has been sticking by me like glue. Everything is packed and ready to go. Tomorrow the pacing will start as she sees the truck and trailer together. It's going to be good to get back out and relax for a while. The lake level is apparently normal but I doubt the dock will be in yet so were not going to take the boat this trip.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Macro shots

I've finally progressed to the new year at work and can relax a bit. Last night was solid paper work to get caught up to date with everything. Until the year end is complete I can't do any computer work. Bills & invoices waiting to be processed were piling up. But once I close out last year there is no going back so it is important not to forget anything. Like clearing off the GST report. Not a big deal but it is part of closing out the year. The computer asks if you would like to do a back up first, and I do, but after the back up is done you have to go back and clear the report manually. I assumed it was automatic. It's not the first time and won't be the last. Oh well. I took some time out to try a new attachment on the Canon. A bellows. I couldn't seem to get it to work unless I had the camera about 2" from the subject. Great magnification but a little tough to get close to anything. Gotta read the book I guess. The pictures below were taken this evening with a 50mm or 18-55mm lens with a 500D close up lens added on the front.