Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Workin with the 500mm FD

I'm still working with the 500mm lens. I decided to take some time out from paperwork and go outside to take some pictures. All the pictures were taken from a tripod using the mirror lock up function. It helps to reduce camera shake. I've got trouble getting good focus as it is done manually but there is hope. I ordered another adapter that has a chip in it. It has to be used in the aperture mode or manual mode. A half press of the shutter button and adjusting the manual focusing will allow the camera to indicate focus as if the lens were an eos style. The reviews say it works very well. It will also allow the camera to automatic adjust the exposure for a given F stop. I can hardly wait to try it. In the mean time I will keep practicing with manual focus. Now if I had $10,000 I could just buy a 500mm EF, image stabilize lens and it would solve all the problems. Lets get back in focus, we have a 500mm FD reflex lens and we are very happy with the results. Besides there would be no challenge , and I don't have $10 grand to waste.

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