Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New FD to EOS adapter with AF Confirm

The new adapter arrived from Petaluma, California yesterday. It took only 11 days and no duty. So what does it do. It has a chip that fools the camera into thinking the lens is electronic (EF). It can be used in the M and AV mode. Although you can't change the aperture values ( it says F1.4) it allows the focus confirm and exposure metering to function. Because the chip is built into the FD to EF adapter it can be used with any FD lens. The focus confirm is a little slow and responds best to darker colours. The auto exposure is comparable to using an EF lens. So far I like the results, but I need to take some real pictures. All the pictures below were taken hand held with the 500mm FD, resized and sharpened.

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