Thursday, March 25, 2010

A visit to the new Vet

I took Roxy to visit the new Vet today. Unfortunately the guy I wanted to see couldn't make it so I saw another Vet. I wasn't too happy about that but I was already there. It seems that the previous Vet figured Roxy has Discoid Lupus. It was in the records but it was the first time I heard it!. So we did some blood work and $250 later we found that she has no other problems. Liver, kidneys, blood, etc. all appear OK. The Vet also agrees that it is Lupus and was prepared to do a biopsy of her nose and lower eyelid today to prove it. I wasn't ready, I now need some time to do some research. Two Vets say its Lupus so it probably is, but is it worth the test to confirm? If the test, $465, comes back positive there is still no treatment that can be done. Prednisone is out due to cataracts. Niacinimide and tetracycline are out cause she will lose her vision again. So I'm not sure we will gain anything from a biopsy. I'm not sure what direction to turn. Still lost?

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