Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trip up Mink Mountain

I wanted to go to Sleeping Giant today but couldn't find anyone to go with. Instead I decided to climb to the top of Mink Mountain. I was going out that way so it sounded like a good idea. It was my first visit so with camera gear, gps, and Spot loaded I headed to the top. A relatively short and easy climb but worth the trip. By the way the cell phone worked just fine. I even got my own Spot "OK" text message that I sent home. Just to let Wendy know I was alive. I send an OK every couple hours and she can track my position on Google Earth. In a week or so these pictures should be added to Google Earth and can be viewed by activating the Panoramio layer. Any picture from bwkre would be mine .

Cliffs on the south side of Mink

Sturgeon Bay from Mink Mountain

Cliffs along the Sturgeon Bay road

Sturgeon Bay

Lake Superior from the top of Mink Mountain

Cliffs from the Sturgeon Bay road

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