Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seeking another opinion

Seeking another opinion? Yea - cost $0. Wendy has a friend in Minneapolis that is a vet & works at a vet school ( i believe). When she was here, she said she would look at the dog but never did make it to the house. Wendy is going to ask her if we can email info on everything that has happened & get her opinion on what to do.

It seems like everyone I talk to that is involved heavily with dogs asks the same question. Have you had her tested for Lymes? Interesting. She has been vaccinated & twice over vaccinated. In 2004 she got double and in 2006 it happened again. So I was looking through pictures (more than I can count) of Roxy to try and see when her nose problem started, appears to be the summer of 2005. That was the year we skipped vaccines due to the double dose in 2004.

Lymes doesn't affect dogs the same way it does humans. It can stay active yet hidden for years. Some dogs show no signs of the disease until its too late to help them. It can directly affect the immune system, liver, heart, and who knows what else. The disease is still fairly new and I doubt that they really know how much damage it can do if allowed to go untreated. We have spent a lot of time in the bush and I've never found a tick on her but you never know. Ticks usually stay attached for 3-4 days max. so it could have gone undetected. Lymes vaccine is not 100% either so I guess it is possible.

I'm thinking I might have a lymes test done. Well not me, I mean the dog.

I'm in the middle of compiling all the information I have, in order, from day one. It is time consuming but I think it will give Wendy's friend a complete history. I've also gone through pictures from 2002 to date to find ones that show her nose condition as the problem has progressed.

Time will tell.

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