Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seeking another opinion

Seeking another opinion? Yea - cost $0. Wendy has a friend in Minneapolis that is a vet & works at a vet school ( i believe). When she was here, she said she would look at the dog but never did make it to the house. Wendy is going to ask her if we can email info on everything that has happened & get her opinion on what to do.

It seems like everyone I talk to that is involved heavily with dogs asks the same question. Have you had her tested for Lymes? Interesting. She has been vaccinated & twice over vaccinated. In 2004 she got double and in 2006 it happened again. So I was looking through pictures (more than I can count) of Roxy to try and see when her nose problem started, appears to be the summer of 2005. That was the year we skipped vaccines due to the double dose in 2004.

Lymes doesn't affect dogs the same way it does humans. It can stay active yet hidden for years. Some dogs show no signs of the disease until its too late to help them. It can directly affect the immune system, liver, heart, and who knows what else. The disease is still fairly new and I doubt that they really know how much damage it can do if allowed to go untreated. We have spent a lot of time in the bush and I've never found a tick on her but you never know. Ticks usually stay attached for 3-4 days max. so it could have gone undetected. Lymes vaccine is not 100% either so I guess it is possible.

I'm thinking I might have a lymes test done. Well not me, I mean the dog.

I'm in the middle of compiling all the information I have, in order, from day one. It is time consuming but I think it will give Wendy's friend a complete history. I've also gone through pictures from 2002 to date to find ones that show her nose condition as the problem has progressed.

Time will tell.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A visit to the new Vet

I took Roxy to visit the new Vet today. Unfortunately the guy I wanted to see couldn't make it so I saw another Vet. I wasn't too happy about that but I was already there. It seems that the previous Vet figured Roxy has Discoid Lupus. It was in the records but it was the first time I heard it!. So we did some blood work and $250 later we found that she has no other problems. Liver, kidneys, blood, etc. all appear OK. The Vet also agrees that it is Lupus and was prepared to do a biopsy of her nose and lower eyelid today to prove it. I wasn't ready, I now need some time to do some research. Two Vets say its Lupus so it probably is, but is it worth the test to confirm? If the test, $465, comes back positive there is still no treatment that can be done. Prednisone is out due to cataracts. Niacinimide and tetracycline are out cause she will lose her vision again. So I'm not sure we will gain anything from a biopsy. I'm not sure what direction to turn. Still lost?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 Falls

I left this morning at 7:30 AM and headed for a quick coffee before making my way to Kakabeka Falls. The plan was to visit Kakabeka Falls and hike to Little Falls in the park. I've been experimenting with exposure time and I like the results in the falls pictures. I got lucky to see a Bald Eagle but not quite close enough for a really good picture. It was taken along the Kam River just infront of the generating station. The pictures from Little falls were bad, not enough water to even see, it was mostly ice.

That took about 2 hours so I decided to make my way to Cedar Falls off Hwy 590. At the parking area I sent Wendy a Spot OK message to let her know where I was. A nice walk & small falls but difficult to photograph in the direct sun light. Way too much white. The old buildings were on a farm along the way.

It was only 1:30 so I figured I would try and make my way to Middle Falls at the border taking the back roads. I spent about 15 min. to find the route with my gps ( hand held ) and then set it on the dash in the track mode. Track mode would allow me to retrace my steps, just incase. When I arrived I sent another Spot OK message. I took a few pictures and headed back to town.

Total trip 115 miles, mostly driving but it was still fun.

Kakabeka Falls


Generating Station overflow tube

Kakabeka Generating Station

Cedar Falls

Old Barn

Old Building

Pigeon River
Middle Falls

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mink Mountain & High Falls

Christopher & I headed to Mink Mountain & High Falls for some hiking this morning. We did the complete loop on Mink Mountain in about 3 1/2 hrs. and then headed to High Falls to see how much water was flowing. On the way back we went to The Dell, Christopher wanted to pick up his mail. Doctor Matt, the Vet, showed up and I got to ask him a couple questions about Roxy. He would like to see her and do blood work and a biopsy of her nose to see if she really has an autoimmune disorder. At the same time he wants to see if she may have early signs of diabetes. He said the star shaped stuff in her retina is a good indication of diabetes. So for a couple hundred buck we can find out whats wrong with her for sure. So what has my vet been doing for the last 3-4 years? Why didn't my vet want blood work and a biopsy? Why has my vet still yet to call me? I think I'm going for the second opinion. He said it sound like Roxy's immune system may be shot, but the only way to get the answers is through the blood work. He also suggested no more vaccines other than rabies ( which is now every 3 years). Lets do it.

Sturgeon Island

Growth on an old dead tree

High Falls

High Falls

High Falls

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trip up Mink Mountain

I wanted to go to Sleeping Giant today but couldn't find anyone to go with. Instead I decided to climb to the top of Mink Mountain. I was going out that way so it sounded like a good idea. It was my first visit so with camera gear, gps, and Spot loaded I headed to the top. A relatively short and easy climb but worth the trip. By the way the cell phone worked just fine. I even got my own Spot "OK" text message that I sent home. Just to let Wendy know I was alive. I send an OK every couple hours and she can track my position on Google Earth. In a week or so these pictures should be added to Google Earth and can be viewed by activating the Panoramio layer. Any picture from bwkre would be mine .

Cliffs on the south side of Mink

Sturgeon Bay from Mink Mountain

Cliffs along the Sturgeon Bay road

Sturgeon Bay

Lake Superior from the top of Mink Mountain

Cliffs from the Sturgeon Bay road

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ice Racer Photoshop style

A little of this and a little of that, and now he's movin,