Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rotten little SOB's

Images captured from the camera that keeps watch over my work truck throught the night. It takes a picture and stores it on my computer every 2 seconds, that about 12,000 over night. Good thing for ffwd on reviewing them, as I do every night. The truck also has a very loud alarm, all you have to do it bang it anywhere to set it off. These guys have been around about every 4th night and I'm not the only one to get pictures. The cops are not interested unless the pictures are crystal clear. Even I could ID the guy in the second picture if I saw him again. But don't drop the pictures (on cd ) at the police station cause they won't have time to look at them. The cops want us to compile what we have and then call and they will send an officer over to view them at our house. Oh and that reminds me, Canadian Tire called today, the baseball bat I ordered is in. I'll have to pick it up in the morning, wonder if I can claim it as a business deduction?

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