Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick Saturday Outing

I decided late in the morning to take a run out to Sleeping Giant for a while. It turned out cloudy, misty and quite windy at the edge of Lake Superior. The waves were crashing fairly strong against the shore. Yea I got my feet wet. It was quiet out there today, not another vehicle in the parking lot and no one on the trails. Strange for such a warm day. I sent Wendy an "OK" using my SPOT messenger around 2PM, just to let her know I was still alive. I carry the SPOT with me at all times when I go out.

Some ice formations

The Head of the Sea Lion from the opposite side.
I climbed up onto the cliffs just past the bridge to take this picture. Atleast I had my tracks in the snow to guide me back to the trail.

An interesting find.

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