Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camping Trip

Ten days have come & gone. Our camping trip was way too short. There were so many more things I would have like to have done. Here are some pics from our time away,

This nice buck liked the group site, he seemed to always be there. Tough to get close for a good picture.

A funny little doe, she followed me around for quite some time, even while riding my bike.

A view from the Head of the Giant. The trip was completed with Jennifer, Kimberly, Ron and Shadow. Not a very good picture, I need to pay more attention to my equipment. A dirty lens really degraded the picture. Not to mention that when changing batteries the camera defaults to a lower resolution?

A second visit to Rita Lake, complete with wet feet, to show Wendy the Pitcher Plant. A real meat eater that traps insects and dissolves them for food. The ground was very soggy.

And as always I seem to find new mushrooms and plants to look at.

An old wooden culvert. We did a walk on the Sawyer Bay trail to the Sawbill Lake trail to see this old culvert. It was removed and left after the construction of a new walk bridge across a creek. Still in pretty good shape. They don't make em like that any more.

I was sitting by the camp fire one afternoon, minding my own business. There was a constant banging sound that was loud and becoming rather annoying. At first I thought it was some kid playing in the next site. But to my surprise it was a Pileated Woodpecker, an uncommon site within the camping area. You can often hear them pecking in the distance and their squak is unmistakable. I was able to get a couple pictures, this being the best.

Went for a ride Thursday to explore a couple of small lakes. My goal is to get a picture of every lake in Sleeping Giant Park. A huge task but I'm getting there. This is Roadside Lake. A short gps walk off the highway.

This is Grassy Lake located near Silver Islet. It is visible from the road.

A small lake just up the road to the Thunder Bay Lookout. Hopefully some of these will make it to Google Earth. All the ones tagged "bwkre" are mine.

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