Monday, May 18, 2009

From the weekend

Some pictures from the May long weekend, very cold. 1, Sibley creek, I've never seen the water so high. Even the lake is high this year. 2, The pileated woodpecker's handi work. They sure know how to kill a tree. 3& 4, just some more mushroom type growths.

Winter Giant

The back side of the Giant from Lehtinen's Bay. Christopher, Leslie and I were there on April 10. We hiked to Tee Harbour and back.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Buck

Biggest deer I've seen at Sleeping Giant. I was able to get within about 30 feet to take pictures. He was more interested in the food than me. Converted to black & white.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Close Encounter

Looks like something you would find in the ocean, waiting to take a bite. Not the greatest picture, the whites along the top are a little blown out. An interesting find though.

Giant backside

A picture looking down toward the feet of the Giant on the back side. Its amazing how blue sky makes all the difference in a picture. I often use a circular polarizing filter to reduce glare and help darken the blue sky. For me the picture draws my eye from bottom middle, around to the right and across to the middle left. Then it jumps via the rock in the water back to the starting point.

Purple Flower

Another macro of a flower from T-Harbour. It is a crop from a larger version that included more of the stem. In my opinion the crop produced a better composition. Simple colours and a blurred background add to the overall look.

All in a row

Mushrooms & fungus, another fascination of mine. They are all so different and appear in unusual places. Their shape, size and colour are most interesting.

Sandy Beach

A sandy beach I've been to a couple times, beyond Middlebrun & Finley Bay. It's about 30m through the bush past Finley Bay on Lake Superior. The sand is so saturated with water your feet sink as you walk.

My crazy dog,

has a one track mind. Water, water, and more water. She can't get enough. She likes to swim for the sticks but seldom returns them to you. It's best to have a good supply on hand.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Strange Find

Christopher and I decided to to explore a section of Lake Superior between Silver Islet and Middlebrun Bay. We used the gps to help keep on track to where we wanted to arrive. It was about 1.2km through the bush. We wandered the shore for about 2 hours when we came upon this differential. Not quite sure how it got there.

Old Bus

I spotted a reflection in Google Earth last year just after the new satellite images were added. It was on the far side of Marie Louise Lake. It appeared as a reflection and showed a definite height when tilted. My first thought was an old bunkhouse with a metal roof. I took gps coordinates and went to find it. Much to my surprise it was an old bus. The reflection was from the aluminum side. About half the bus was still on site scattered around.

Shuniah Lake

A little lake about 300m off the main trail to T Harbour. I used my gps to guide myself through the bush to the lake. One of my old maps shows a trail to the lake which became evident as I walked. It was easy to see the old and new growth in the trees and where the trail was. The mountain in the background is Thunder Mountain. It makes up a part of the Sleeping giant when viewed from the park, a completely different mountain than what is seen from the city side.


I like taking pictures of flowers, the closer the better. Not sure of the name of this flower, comment if you know. The green background really makes the yellow stand out. It's unfortunate that the white at the top spoils the overall look. I guess photoshop could clean that up. The flower is called Yellow Goats Beard.

Common Merganser

This little guy was on the beach early one morning. Picture was taken from about 20'. He moved into the water as I got closer.


I thought I might use this blog to post some of the pictures I've taken over the last 6 years. This is a sunset over Marie Louse Lake. I found out later that my brother and niece are the occupants of the boat. I sort of like the way the trees framed the picture.